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The Monarchs of 2020: Europe

As a new royal decade gets under way, thoughts turn to the future and what the coming years will hold for the monarchies which now rule across Europe. Several have seen major changes in the past ten years and all enter the new decade facing challenges as well as triumphs. As this new page turns in the regal story, Royal Central looks at the Monarchs who hold power as 2020 begins. Queen…
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A Calendar of Kings: January

Each monarch leaves their mark, placing their personality on the fabric of history. And charting those footprints tells a story all of its own. From births to weddings, coronations to the passing of power, the major moments in a monarch’s life have an impact far beyond…

The Royal 2010s: the Silver King and Queen

As the 2010s come to an end, minds turn to reflection and remembering. The middle of the decade just gone saw special celebrations in Norway for a king and queen who were already well loved and who ended their jubilee even more popular than before. Harald V took the throne of Norway on a cold January day but despite the snow and frost, tens of thousands turned out to celebrate with him in 2016…
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The Royal 2010s: the most historic moment of all

In a decade packed with royal moments to remember, this was the one that will linger. On September 9th 2015, Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history. It was a milestone in some ways beyond her control but as she reached it, tributes poured in from around the world, celebrating her service and her success throughout her long reign. Here, Royal Central looks back at the…
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The best royal photo of the decade?

The 2010s have been a time of change for royalty across Europe and, as the decade ends, reflections on the years that have passed throwback images that will last forever. For a picture, the capturing of an instant, can tell a story far better than words. In a royal decade…
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The Royal 2010s: the Ruby Queen

As the decade draws to a close, minds turn to reflection. It’s been a packed ten years for Europe’s ruling houses but while a handful have been marked by abdications, others have seen commemorations for major milestones. One of the first big jubilees of the 2010s…

The Royal 2010s: looking back at the accession of King Felipe VI of Spain

The past decade has been filled with some major royal moments including the ending of one era in Spain and the start of another. The decision by King Juan Carlos I to stand aside in favour of his son surprised many but the reign of King Felipe VI, which began on June 19th 2014, has been seen as a boost to the country’s royal family which has faced a difficult decade. As the 2010s come to an…
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