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What happened to the first St. Edward's Crown?

On 6 May at Westminster Abbey, King Charles III will be crowned with St. Edward’s Crown at the moment of coronation. The design dates back to the eleventh century, but the crown itself that will be used is much younger. The original St. Edward’s Crown reportedly dates back to Edward the Confessor’s reign but can first be found in sources in the thirteenth century. He reigned from…
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The Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary

King George V and Queen Mary, like King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, were crowned as King and Queen of the United Kingdom (and Dominions) and as Emperor and Empress of India. Their 1911 coronation was luckily less eventful than that of George’s parents. George…

The Coronation Dress of Queen Alexandra

While there is a traditional uniform for kings at their coronation, there is not for queens. This has allowed each queen to wear a gown specifically created for their coronation day. Queen Alexandra’s coronation dress remains one of the most sumptuous in British history.  King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra’s coronation encountered some serious issues. Originally planned for the 26th of…
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The Coronation of Edward VII

King Charles III has often been compared to his great-great-grandfather, King Edward VII. Both ascended the throne after their mother’s enjoyed record-breaking reigns, and at the time of each king’s ascension, they both held the record for longest-serving Prince of…

A look at the Order of the Polar Star

Each royal house has its own royal chivalric orders. Sweden has several royal orders; the Order of the Polar Star is one of the oldest orders in Sweden. The Order of the Polar Star was established on 23 February 1748 by King Frederick I, along with the Order of the Sword and the Royal Order of the Seraphim. Although some orders date back as far as 1606, they were only codified in 1748 by…
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The Coronation of King George I

The Coronation of King George I in 1714 marked the beginning of a new dynasty on the throne of Great Britain but its crowning moment was rather a difficult affair in more ways than one.  After Queen Anne’s death in August 1714, George inherited the throne due to the…
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An ancient tradition to mark the Accession of King Charles III, six months on

Ahead of his Coronation in May at Westminster Abbey, King Charles III is taking part in a tradition observed since the seventeenth century. On Thursday 9 March, he will receive the Privileged Bodies at Buckingham Palace. The Privileged Bodies are a sepcific group of organisations that have historically been allowed to address the monarch. Many different areas of society are represented amongst…
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