King Charles III

King Charles no longer Defender of the Faith in Canada

The monarchs of England and Great Britain have been using the title of Defender of the Faith for over 500 years. However, King Charles III will not be using this title in all of his realms and territories as Canada makes a change. In a bill that was included with the Canadian government’s new budget, one known as ‘the Royal Styles and Titles, 2023’ makes changes that mean…
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The Netherlands

Queen Máxima takes French First Lady to important site

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands hosted French President Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte Macron, for a State Visit. On Wednesday, 12 April, The Queen visited a famous Amsterdam landmark with the French First Lady. Queen Máxima and Brigitte Macron visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Anne and her family lived in a secret annexe of the…
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King Charles IIIState & Ceremonial

Coronation Jewels: The Stuart Sapphire

The Imperial State Crown features several notable jewels, including the Black Prince’s Ruby, the Cullinan II Diamond, and St. Edward’s Sapphire. The Stuart Sapphire also has a prominent place in the Imperial State Crown but has a somewhat murkier past than the other jewels. This large, oval-shaped sapphire is roughly 104 carats and 3.8 cm by 2.5 cm. It is believed that it most likely…
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British RoyalsHistory

The first monarch to speak to his people on the radio after his Coronation

While there are reports of changes ahead of King Charles III’s Coronation in May, each Coronation has had its own changes. King George VI was the first monarch to give a Coronation speech to be broadcast over the radio on the day of his Coronation.  King George V gave the first royal radio broadcast on 23 April 1924 when he opened the British Empire Exhibition. In addition to being the first…
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