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All the Royals Who Live at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace was, in its original form, a Jacobean mansion built in 1605, and bought by William and Mary in 1689. They directed Sir Christopher Wren to renovate and expand the building, and Wren added a three-storey pavilion at each corner to create more space for the Royal Family. The Palace was, until the time of George II, the favoured house of the monarch. In its illustrious history, it…
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The Netherlands

Report shows NO secret tax deal for Dutch Royal Family

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands revealed the results of a commission’s investigation into whether the Dutch Royal Family received a secret tax deal with the government, confirming that there is no deal. “The conclusion of the historical investigation is that nothing in the studied documents showed that there was such a specific compensation scheme, or so-called ‘secret tax deal,”…
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Prince Laurent is 'hiding' from Belgian Prime Minister

Prince Laurent of Belgium is in the news again after reportedly ‘hiding’ from the Belgian Prime Minister. The news comes from Het Laatste Nieuws (anglicised: The Latest News), a Dutch newspaper based in Brussels, that reports the controversial prince is avoiding Prime…

Princess Märtha Louise Says She Did Not Understand Why People Looked Up to Her for Being a Princess

Princess Märtha Louise sat down for an interview with Expressen about her highly-sensitive nature, and her feelings of unworthiness because she didn’t understand why people would look up to a princess. “I felt I was not good enough, did not understand why people looked up to me just because I was a princess,” she said in the interview. “I had not done anything, I had been born with that…
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The Crown, Volume I: Book Review

If you have ever watched an episode of the hit Netflix series The Crown and wondered “Did that actually happen?” then look no further: notable royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey has written an official companion to the series. The Crown, Volume I: Elizabeth II…
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Archbishop Justin Welby says he hopes he doesn't have to cover The Queen's Funeral

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has spoken out in a new interview about a myriad of topics, including The Queen’s funeral. In an interview with GQ’s Alastair Campbell, the conversation begins with a discussion of The Queen’s inevitable funeral. “I don’t lose sleep,” Archbishop Welby begins. “I do hope I don’t have to do that,” he qualifies. The Archbishop calls the…
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