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Apology for Princess Eugenie after professor says she only got into school due to status

Newcastle University found itself in the midst of controversy after one of its senior history lecturers spoke at an anti-monarchy rally and told the crowds that Princess Eugenie had only been offered a place at the school when officials learned who she was. “We are entirely satisfied that Princess Eugenie met the high academic standards required for admission to Newcastle University and to…
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Jeremy Paxman warns that Prince Charles could be a "Big Problem" when he becomes King

Former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman spoke at the Buxton International Festival about the possibilities of a future King Charles, reportedly saying the Prince of Wales could be a “big problem.” “People say to me ‘but what about Prince Charles?’ My answer is it’s going to be a big problem when we get Prince Charles – if he behaves as Prince Charles,” Paxman told the…
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The small affair that Diana, Princess of Wales's funeral was meant to be

The funeral of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the largest in recent history, with an estimated viewing audience of 2.5 billion people worldwide, but according to reports, it was not meant to be that way. After Diana’s death on 31 August 1997 following a car accident in Paris, her body was returned to England and taken to St James’s Palace, where it remained for five days before…
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Prince Harry plays polo while Meghan Markle cheers from royal box

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a huge step forward in their relationship when the couple was spotted at a polo match at Coworth Park. Markle made her first semi-formal appearance as Prince Harry’s girlfriend in the royal box at Audi Polo Challenge, causing royal watchers around the world to speculate that an engagement is not far off. “Nobody had any idea Meghan was coming,” a fellow…
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