The line of succession to the Luxembourgish throne

Luxembourg’s line of succession is governed byabsolute primogeniture from Grand Duke Henri’s descendants. This change took effect in 2011 – before that, females couldn’t inherit the throne. At that time, Grand Duke Henri issued a decree allowing female legitimate descendants of his to inherit the throne, depending on their order of birth. If a sister is born…
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The Netherlands

The line of succession to the Dutch throne

The Netherlands abides by absolute primogeniture and has since 1983. It is governed by Article 25 of the Dutch Constitution. The Netherlands takes the proximity of blood into consideration when determining the line of succession; as such, only three degrees of kinship…

The line of succession to the Norwegian throne

Norway’s current line of succession took effect in 1990 when the law was changed to allow for absolute primogeniture. Article 6 of the Norwegian Constitution governs succession, stating that the monarch’s eldest child, regardless of gender, will succeed them…

EXCLUSIVE: Monaco's Princely Palace denies "malicious" separation rumours of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

The Princely Palace of Monaco issued a denial to the “malicious rumours” about the separation of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene that have emerged in the French press. French magazine Royauté has claimed that the Prince and Princess are in the process of separation. The Palace’s press office say they “formally deny the malicious rumours peddled by the French…
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The line of succession to the Monegasque throne

Monaco is one of the few countries in Europe still governed by male-preference primogeniture, meaning the eldest son inherits the throne over any older sisters (as is the case of Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella). The succession laws are laid out in…

The line of succession to the Belgian throne

Like most in Europe, the Belgian line of succession is governed by absolute primogeniture (the eldest child, regardless of gender, ascends to the throne) through the descendants of King Albert II. The new laws of succession took effect in 1991, and if all the descendants of Albert die, the line then falls to the male descendants of King Leopold I’s male line. To remain in the line…
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Japanese Prince to undergo surgery

A Japanese royal is set to undergo surgery. Prince Hitachi, 87, will undergo ureteral stone surgery at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in Tokyo. The surgery will take place on 20 March and will consist of breaking apart the stones. According to the Imperial…

The inauguration of King Philippe of the Belgians

King Philippe took the Belgian throne after the abdication of his father, King Albert II, on 21 July 2013. King Albert announced his intent to abdicate on 3 July, with his abdication taking effect on Belgium’s National Day. The day began with the traditional Te…
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The royal escape to America

With the announcement that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark are moving to the United States with their family, they join a list of other royals who have moved across the pond. So who are the royals who have relocated, and what appeals to the European royals about living in the U.S.? Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Count Henrik, and Countess Athena will move to Washington D.C. in…
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