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  • Snow and Royalty: A Brief Look

    Following the announcement on Sunday by The Royal Collection that Windsor Castle has closed due to weather conditions, it is fitting to...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms11th December 2017
  • A King’s Daughter: A Look at Charlotte Fitzroy

     Lady Charlotte Fitzroy, was – as her name suggests – the daughter of a King, but not by his queen. Charles...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms28th November 2017
  • A Quick Look At Royal Dogs

    The British love of dogs is, of course, well established – the royal affection for them as faithful companions being no...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms9th November 2017
  • A Little-Known Royal Plaque in Portsmouth

    A plaque can be found in the garrison walls at Portsmouth, at the location of the old ‘Sally Port’. Its strongly...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms1st November 2017
  • Tombs of Kings of England not in England

    Outside of the traditional burial sites of Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel, Windsor, some English (and a British) monarchs are...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms26th October 2017
  • Mozart’s Visit to what became Buckingham Palace

    As part of the so-called ‘Great European Tour’ of the Mozart family, which began from Salzburg in June 1763 and extended...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms29th August 2017
  • Tombs of the Tudors: The ‘Lost’ Tomb of Mary I

    “That’s the tomb of Queen Elizabeth the First”; this was the remark I heard when I last visited Henry VII’s Lady...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms16th August 2017
  • The King’s Sister: The Grave of the other Mary Tudor

    In the Gothic church of St Mary’s at Bury St Edmunds, is the tomb of a princess of England and a...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms13th August 2017
  • Perfume and Queen Elizabeth I

    The use of perfume can be traced back to the world’s most ancient civilisations, notably Mesopotamia and Egypt; it flourished during...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms13th August 2017
  • Royal Childbirth and the Tudors

    The experience of royal childbirth in the Tudor period was at best, a perilous one, and the attitude towards it was...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms5th August 2017
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