The October Queens

Maria of Modena was born in October 1658 and is the last queen consort, so far, to have celebrated a birthday in that month When being a queen meant that you had married a king, rather than being a ruler yourself, life stories were told very differently. The queens of yesteryear might have ended up as some of the best known personalities of their time but the start of their stories were often as…
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The October Kings

October is truly the king of all the autumn months as the leaves turn to gold and regal red and the fading sun adds a gentle sparkle to all it touches. And it’s marked the beginning of five royal roads that ended with a crown – although all five monarchs had very…
The Sussexes

Harry's surprise visit to a Kent school with a long royal history

Prince Harry has paid a surprise visit to Kent where he toured the Duke of York’s Royal Military School and reviewed its ceremonial parade. Harry’s trip had been kept secret from the 400 or so pupils at the school and manyof them got a chance to chat to the prince during the visit. Embed from Getty Images Prince Harry arrived at the school, which is in Dover,wearing…
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Belgium's king pays a surprise visit to a centre for asylum seekers


The bodies of the last Tsar and Tsarina of Russia are exhumed

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Monarchy Rules: a look at William IV

William IV was the man who left his throne to Queen Victoria, but he was king for just seven years and heir to the throne for only three years before that. And yet he holds the record, at the moment, as the oldest person ever to inherit the British crown.  William IV was a…
The CambridgesThe Sussexes

William and Harry answer a DIY SOS

They will probably never be let loose on the DIY in their family homes – there are rules about rustling up a new shower room in palaces and castles – but on Wednesday, for one day only, Prince William and Prince Harry will be showing the world just how good they are at home improvements. For the royal brothers are heading to Manchester to help complete a very special renovation job…
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