Royal Burials: Fontevraud Abbey

You may think that all the Kings and Queens of Great Britain are buried somewhere in our sceptre isle, even if in the case of some efforts are still going on to work out exactly where. In fact, two of our Kings and one of their wives at buried at the Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, in Anjou, France. They are Henry II, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine and their son Richard I. For this was in…
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Monarchy Rules: A Look At Stephen

King Stephen of England was born in Blois in France in either 1092 or 1096. It’s quite unusual that we do not have a birth date for a future king of England, but by the time of his birth it was no expected that he would ever be king. His parents were Stephen-Henry…

The Battle of Lincoln and The Short Rule of the Empress Matilda

Henry I saw his worst nightmare come true on 25 November 1120. His only son and heir to the Kingdom of England drowned in the White Ship disaster. Without a son, he turned to his only surviving legitimate child, Matilda. Young Matilda had been married to the Holy Roman Emperor since 1114, but when he died in 1125 and Henry’s second marriage to Adeliza of Louvain produced no surviving…
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