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Imperial couple introduce their poems at annual New Year ceremony

The traditional “Waka” poems, penned by the Imperial Family, and ten selected works from the public, were recited at the annual New Year event in the Matsunoma main hall in the Imperial Palace. The theme of this year’s poems was “no”, which translates as “field.” Emperor Akihito’s poem recalls the chirping of tree crickets near the Omei pavilion…
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Empress Michiko of Japan is ill

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Michiko of Japan is ill. This was announced in an official statement from the Imperial Household Agency yesterday, on Monday, 12 December. Empress Michiko, age 82, was diagnosed with acute bronchitis last Friday after suffering a slight fever and…
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Japan's Empress Michiko diagnosed with heart trouble

Despite confirmation of heart trouble, Empress Michiko along with her husband, Emperor Akihito will attend the national memorial war service honouring those killed in World War II that is to be held on Saturday. This service is to commemorate those lost during the war on the 70th anniversary of its end. Along with attending the memorial, this week, Empress Michiko will also meet with a foreign…
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