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Did someone "grease the brakes" in Diana, Princess of Wales's fatal crash?

‘Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors’ looks back at the delicate situation that followed after Diana, Princess of Wales was killed 20 years ago. The Channel 5 programme reports that Her Majesty’s response to finding out Diana was in the Paris accident was: “Someone must have greased the brakes.” Royal biographer Ingrid Seward made the same claims in the 2015 book…
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Prince Philip gives first interview since announcing retirement

Prince Philip granted his first interview since announcing last week that he would be retiring from public duties in the fall. Speaking to Misdee Wrigley Miller, an American contestant who is participating in the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Prince Philip talked about carriage driving and how he came to take part in the sport. “I started driving because I’d been playing polo, and I’d decided…
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Prince William steps in for Prince Philip aside The Queen

A day after Prince Philip announced that he would be retiring from royal duties in the autumn, Prince William stepped in beside his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. He was on hand to help welcome Burmese Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to Buckingham Palace. With the Duke of Edinburgh’s announcement, it means that younger royals will need to take on more duties and Prince William is…
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The Duke of Edinburgh - a biography of his life

Prince Philip has served as the Queen’s long-standing companion for nearly 70 years. The partnership with the Queen is said to be one of the great achievements of the Queen’s reign and is certainly one of true love and commitment. Prince Philip has a long list of achievements ranging from militarily to diplomatic. Birth Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born on the Greek island…
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