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Queen Issues Letters Patent To Make Royal Child 'Princess' If Girl

Today, it has been announced that Her Majesty The Queen has issued a special letters patent confirming that the first child of the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge, if it’s a girl, will be an HRH and a Princess, clearing up the confusion from the 1917 Letters Patent which would see only the eldest son (if there is one) of the Duke and Duchess hold the title of Prince. The Queen has taken the…
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The Royal Family's Official Residences

In light of the recent speculation (with evidence I might add) about Prince William and Catherine’s future country home on Her Majesty’s Sandringham Estate, we thought we’d compile a list of the Royal Family’s official residences so as to help people…
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MP Proposes New Law To Make Wives Of Kings, Princesses

MP John Hemming is to propose new legislation to the House Of Commons soon about the naming of wives of Kings. Currently, wives of Kings are ‘Queen Consorts’, allowing them the use of the title ‘Queen’. However, the reverse is not true and husbands of Queens in their own right are not entitled to be styled as Kings. The reason for this sudden proposition is to promote…
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Palaces & Buildings

How Buckingham Palace Came To Be

Buckingham Palace is well known for being the home of the British Monarch and some of his/her immediate family. But few know the history of this grand and sumptuous building; here is our guide to Buckingham Palace and its history. Buckingham Palace began life not as a Palace…