Rooms that make history: Mary II and The Queen’s Bed Chamber at Kensington Palace

One of English history’s ‘forgotten’ queens, is actually one who was arguablyamong the most loved. This was Mary II, the joint monarch – not queen consort of William III. Forgiven by posterity for deposing her father, contemporary history seems to have accepted this as being something of a regrettable necessity to safeguard England as a Protestant nation. Known for her love of…
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Top 5 outgoing State Visits from Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth has undertaken 94 official State Visits during her reign, plus two State Visits in her capacity as Queen of Canada (she visited the United States twice in the ‘50s). A State Visit is when a foreign head of state is invited to visit a country by that country’s head of state. State Visits differ from Official Visits, as an Official Visit is when high-ranking government officials…
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Only eight women have been named TIME Magazine's 'Person of the Year'; Queen Elizabeth and Wallis Simpson are two of them

Yesterday, TIME Magazine named their ‘Person of the Year’. The 2017 honour went to the Silence Breakers. The issue covers the storeys of 33 women and two men who came forward to accuse their sexual abusers. The two men are Terry Crews and Blaise Godbe Lipman. The front cover of the magazine features Ashley Judd, one of Harvey Weinstein’s first accusers, Taylor Swift who took a…
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Christmas Trees: A Royal History

Prince Albert is generally credited with introducing the Christmas tree to Britain, but in fact, it was the work of his wife’s grandmother, Queen Charlotte. Like Prince Albert, Charlotte was born and raised in Germany, where the tradition of bringing a tree inside at…
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Do you know which senior member of The Royal Family is a direct descendent of Oliver Cromwell?

It is widely reported that 1 in 200 people alive today are descended from the bloodthirsty Genghis Khan. The same can’t be said for the former Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, although it may surprise you that one senior member of the British Royal Family is a direct descendant of the arch-republican. The royal in question is the Duchess of Kent, who married into The Royal Family in…
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