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Prince Philip has had 97-years of collecting the wonderful and unusual

Somewhere behind the closed doors of the Royal Residences lays the Duke of Edingburgh’s vast and unusual collections. Prince Philip has had 97-years to build his collections, and without a doubt, he has some of the best. As a child, the Duke recalled first collecting penknives. That collection has now graduated to art and cartoons. A frequent topic of royal cartoons, the Duke of Edinburgh is…
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Memorial to Welsh Princess vandalised

A few weeks ago a memorial plaque which was dedicated to the Welsh Princess Gwenllian went missing from its usual location at the top of Snowdon. It has since been returned to the Princess Gwenllian society by a local man named Rhys Jones, but the plaque was found to be smashed. The thirteenth century Princess is revered in Welsh history as she was the daughter of the last sovereign Prince of…
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What titles will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's children receive?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Or so the saying goes. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have expressed they would like to have a family, so many variables can come into place that could prevent that. So, without placing any pressure on the newlyweds to start a family now, let us have a fun look at what titles their children could have if they…
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Harry and Meghan's Wedding Flowers are Shared with a Hospice

The flowers that framed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they emerged from St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on Saturday as husband and wife have become part of another very special moment. For some of those blooms have been turned into posies which have been sent to hospices and women’s refuges across London. The gifts from Harry and Meghan came to light on Sunday evening when a series of tweets…
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