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King Charles III’s approach to health is a turning point for the House of Windsor

With His Majesty’s recent announcement of his cancer diagnosis, a new trend seems to be emerging in the British Royal Family when it comes to health-related news. 

Up until her passing, Queen Elizabeth II was private when it came to her health, and only disclosed information when it was absolutely needed – namely, when her health issues forced her to cancel engagements that had already been announced to the public. And even in those circumstances, the announcements were limited.

Now, with King Charles III on the throne, it seems like a new thought current might be emerging – one that advocates for more transparency, for the sacrifice of some privacy in order to manage the speculation game. 

It has happened twice in the last month: first, his hospitalisation for the treatment of an enlarged prostate was announced to encourage others to seek advice if they had similar issues. Now, less than a week after his release from hospital, the announcement of his cancer diagnosis has again been made, in part, to show support for all those being treated for the illness.

However, for some, this isn’t enough. The decision of the Princess of Wales to keep details of her illness private has led to criticism from some who feel that the family should be more open about exactly what caused Catherine to be admitted to hospital for major surgery.

It has led to speculation, some of it rather nasty, online. A communiqué announcing the surgery after it had already happened, and a further announcement that the Princess was already home, were the only two moments in which information has, so far, been shared about the treatment the Princess has received.

It is a hard act for the royals. They must find a line which protects the privacy of an individual who, for some, is public property first and foremost. King Charles III’s decision to reveal that he has cancer is a big moment and one that has caused headlines around the world. In the meantime, we can only offer our best wishes for a safe recovery to both the Princess of Wales and His Majesty.