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A glimpse of Luxembourg’s newest prince – and a change to his name

Luxembourg is still celebrating the birth of its newest prince, the seventh grandchild for Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. The new he baby arrived safely Sunday, 7th January. 

Two days later, the Grand Duchess posted a series of images across her social media accounts portraying the first family moments of Prince Balthazar, including the first picture of Prince Félix and Princess Claire with all three of their children, which was also posted on the Instagram account of Chateau Les Crostes, the winery and events location that the couple manages in France. 

Other images include two pictures of the new prince with his siblings Princess Amalia and Prince Liam, as well as several portraits of the new prince with his siblings and paternal grandparents, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who visited the new arrival at the Grande Duchesse Charlotte Maternity Hospital where he was born.

Eagle-eyed viewers, however, noticed a small change. In the press release announcing the birth, the prince’s name was spelled as “Balthasar”, whereas it has now been changed everywhere to “Balthazar”. There was yet a third spelling in the post made by Chateau Les Crostes, which spelled it as “Baltasar”. 

This little change, however, does not dampen the joy of the newly expanded family, who is also waiting for another brand new arrival in the spring. Prince Felix’s sister, Princess Alexandra, is due to give birth to her first child then.