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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange

Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange, is better known in the Netherlands as Anna of Hanover. She was born in 1709 as the daughter of the future George II of Great Britain and Caroline of Ansbach. Her father had been away on a hunting trip and wrote to his wife, ‘I have just received the good news of the birth of a daughter at which I feel all imaginable please…I am only a bit…
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Suleiman the Magnificent burial site found in Hungary

Historians have discovered the probable shrine and mosque where the internal remains of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent were buried in 1566. A joint effort from a Turkish and Hungarian teams has uncovered structures in southern Hungary where they believe Suleiman’s organs were buried after he died on a campaign. They have found hexagonal structures, which is considered to be…
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King Willem-Alexander to visit NATO

King Willem-Alexander will visit NATO headquarters in Brussels and the military headquarters of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) on Monday 17th December. He will be accompanied by Secretary Koenders of Foreign Affairs and the Commander of the Armed Forces, General Middendorp. The Dutch King will begin the visit with a wreath laying at the memorial at the NATO headquarters.
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Monarchy Rules: A Look At Stephen

King Stephen of England was born in Blois in France in either 1092 or 1096. It’s quite unusual that we do not have a birth date for a future king of England, but by the time of his birth it was no expected that he would ever be king. His parents were Stephen-Henry…
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Prince Harry releases personal photos from his African conservation work this past summer

Prince Harry has released personal photos and videos from his African conservation work this past summer. The 31-year-old Prince has spent three months in the summer working as a wildlife conservation volunteer to highlight the threat to elephants and rhinos from poachers. The pictures are from Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and show Harry in action alongside rangers who are…
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