Abdication of Queen Margrethe II

Aarhus Cathedral, the setting for a service marking the start of a new reign

On 14 January, Denmark will have a new monarch. With Queen Margrethe’s abdication, King Frederik will ascend the throne. While the Danish monarch does not have a coronation to mark the new reign, there will be a service for this historic moment on 21 January at Aarhus Cathedral.  Aarhus Cathedral is the main cathedral for the Diocese of Aarhus, a diocese in the Church of Denmark. It is still…
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The tiny brooch that links a great queen to her beloved father

When she was born in 1940, the then-Princess Margrethe was not in the line of succession as females could not inherit the throne. In 1953 a change in law meant that Margrethe was able to take her place as her father’s heir. To mark her change in status, King Frederik IX gave his daughter a brooch. Embed from Getty Images The small horseshoe-shaped brooch features 11 rubies and several…
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The historic diamond necklace that gained a new chapter in its royal history in 2023

It is an historic piece of jewellery and in 2023, another chapter was added to its sparkling story. Amongst the timeless jewels worn on the day of the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, was a necklace with real royal presence. Queen Camilla wore the Coronation Necklace, one of the most famous gems in the royal collection. The necklace was originally created for Victoria in 1858…
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The Edinburghs

The Duchess of Edinburgh joins Christmas celebrations for Ukrainian refugees

The Duchess of Edinburgh has been getting into the festive spirit with her engagements as the Royal Family continues its diary before the holidays.  The Duchess spent time at The Lighthouse in Woking on December 19 to attend a very special Christmas party. Sophie joined 200 Ukrainian refugees celebrating the holidays and got into the Christmas spirit with them.  Her Royal Highness grabbed…
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