From one queen to another- a trio of royal jewels on loan for an important visit

The Queen of Denmark is hosting The King and Queen of Spain for the first official Spanish visit to Denmark in nearly half a century. Queen Letizia turned to some of her mother-in-law’s favourite jewels for the occasion.  Casa de S.M. el Rey For their arrival, Queen Letizia wore a pair ruby and diamond earrings; these distinctive earrings are shaped like a dove holding a wreath. They are…
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What is the Order of the Golden Fleece?

While the Princess of Asturias may only be 18-years-old, she was admitted to one of the oldest chivalric orders at only ten. She is the newest member of the Order of the Golden Fleece.  The Order of the Golden Fleece was founded in 1430 by the Duke of Burgundy, Philip…
British Royals

The tiara that began as an anniversary present and became a favourite of a trio of queens

While Queen Mary was known to be a magpie with a large jewellery collection, her mother-in-law also had a strong collection of her own. And amongst the most famous pieces is the gem now known as Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara. In 1888, the then Prince and Princess of Wales celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Lady Salisbury organised a group of 365 peeresses who donated funds to…
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What is the curse of King Tut's tomb?

In the ancient world, many cultures invoked different forms of magic to protect their dead from those still in the physical world. In ancient Egypt, this included placing a curse on the mummy. One of the most famous instances of this was the curse placed on King…
Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla's passionate support for little known condition

While The Queen holds many patronages that are close to her heart, there is one cause that holds particular significance for her. Queen Camilla has worked with the Royal Osteoporosis Society for nearly three decades. Osteoporosis is a condition where bone mass and mineral density decreases which can lead to severe pain and a much higher risk of fractures. The Queen became familiar with…
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Princess Anne and Family

Why Princess Anne isn't sure a ''slimmed down'' Monarchy is a good idea

In a rare televised interview, just before the Coronation, The Princess Royal spoke out on the future of the monarchy and raised questions about whether a ”slimmed down” monarchy could work. Speaking to Adrienne Arsenault, the Chief Correspondent of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Princess Anne was asked a number of difficult questions in the interview which was…
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