The history of the Stone of Scone

You could not be faulted if you walked by the Stone of Scone and not even realized you were in the presence of a legendary and mysterious rock. Pronounced ‘Scoon,’ the ancient symbol of Scottish sovereignty is an unassuming rectangular stone, made of sandstone, weighing 336 pounds and it’s only marking is a Latin cross. According to Celtic legend, the Stone of Scone, also known…
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A first for Emperor Naruhito’s reign

Japanese Emperor Naruhito ascended to the Japanese throne four years ago, after his father’s abdication, but this is the first time he has been able to give a public birthday address.  Due to the global pandemic, the yearly tradition was repeatedly cancelled. Though…
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth is the "nation's leading star" at BAFTAs

Led by Dame Helen Mirren, the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) honoured the late Queen Elizabeth II. Mirren gave a moving tribute to the late monarch during the ceremony, calling her the “nation’s leading star.” Mirren said: “BAFTA’s relationship with Her Majesty was longstanding, and BAFTA would not be what it is today without her loyal support. In 1953, her…
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Prince & Princess of Wales

The Princess Of Wales celebrates a record breaker

The Princess of Wales visited Landau Forte College in Derby on Wednesday to congratulate Captain Preet Chandi MBE. In January, Chandi broke the world record for the furthest unsupported solo Polar expedition in history. She trekked across 922 miles in Antartica in 70 days and 16 hours. She accomplished this feat by skiing up to 15 hours per day through 60mph winds and temperatures as low as …
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FeaturesKing Charles III

King Charles the Charitable

He has only been King for four months, but King Charles III may already have his new moniker: King Charles the Charitable. Of course, he is the patron of hundreds of charities, but it goes beyond just having the privilege of being a patron. King Charles visits…

Despite their advancing age, the royal cousins continue to be stalwarts for The Royal Family

When we think of the British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth II immediately springs to mind. She was the leader for an incredible 70 years. But as remarkable as she was, even she could not do everything alone. For the entirety of her reign, four, supportive, hard-working and, often unsung, individuals were alongside her every step of the way. It is no surprise that in 2023 and during the reign of…
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