Iran's exiled Crown Prince talks of a "historic movement"

“The Iranian people are in the throes of a historic movement,” Crown Prince Reza of Iran said in a Tweet on Saturday 4. He talked of reclaiming the country from their ‘oppressive and corrupt’ anti-Iranian occupying regime. This comes following a four-day rally of thousands protesting in Iran. Iranian people are taking a stand against soaring unemployment and a dramatic…
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British RoyalsThe Yorks

Princess Eugenie reveals scoliosis x-rays

Princess Eugenie has revealed her x-rays showing the pins and rods surrounding her spine. For International Scoliosis Awareness Day, the Princess shared photographs of her x-ray held against a window on Instagram. She shared an emotional message with her thousands of followers, thanking the hospital where she had her operation. Princess Eugenie captioned her post: “Today is International…
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Jordanian Royal Family celebrate Jordan's independence day

His Majesty King Abdullah attended the official national celebration marking Jordan’s 72nd Independence Day, on Thursday 24. The King, along with Her Majesty Queen Rania, Princess Muna, Crown Prince Hussein, and Princess Salma, were greeted by the national anthem as they arrived at the Al Husseiniya Palace. As happened at last year’s Independence Day celebrations, the artillery fired a…
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The Netherlands

Dutch royals are hiding spending from public

The Royal Family in the Netherlands costs the country around six times more than stated in the national budget, according to Republikeins Genootschap, an anti-monarchy group. The official budget for the royals is around €60 million. However, the republicans claim the real cost to society is €350 million per year, with the family having hidden numerous costs. The fact the Oranjes pay little…
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