The Netherlands

Dutch royals are hiding spending from public

The Royal Family in the Netherlands costs the country around six times more than stated in the national budget, according to Republikeins Genootschap, an anti-monarchy group.

The official budget for the royals is around €60 million. However, the republicans claim the real cost to society is €350 million per year, with the family having hidden numerous costs. The fact the Oranjes pay little by way of taxes is the most significant cost that has been concealed. Head republican researcher, Rene Zwaap, estimates the Dutch Royal Family’s wealth at around €12 billion, meaning that the tax authorities miss out on €192 million per year.

Additionally, the cost of maintaining royal palaces is around €10 million per year; €40 million per year is spent on security for King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, and Princess Beatrix; and €10 million on housing at embassies, to name just a few examples.

Whilst they are not the most expensive royal family in Europe, according to the Republikeins Genootschap, The Netherlands’ royals are one of the wealthiest royal houses. Great Britain spends €100 million – the equivalent of over £87 million – on its royal family, however, the costs are spread across a larger population – 66 million as opposed to 17 million.

A spokesperson for the Royal House of the Netherlands has said that the calculations about the royals’ wealth in the report are just an estimate and subject to “guesswork”. He also claims that the King does, in fact, pay taxes on his assets though he has an exemption on some assets that are related to his duties. The spokesperson said: “Based on this alone, the calculations of the Republikeins Genootschap cannot be correct”.

The republicans’ report does admit that the total figure was produced using “creative calculation” based on estimates and assumptions. Zwaap has said: “If these assumptions are based on the wrong premises, then we would love to hear from the Oranje House”.