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Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian and writer, an historical consultant and independent scholar. An expert on past British and European royalty, she speaks on matters royal historical for both TV and radio. She is particular interested in royal weddings and was selected to speak for BBC Radio Berkshire on historic royal weddings at Windsor prior to the first Royal Wedding in 2018. She writes for academic journals, magazines, newsletters and the web and is a regular contributor to the academic genealogical journal Royalty Digest Quarterly. She also contributes to the English-speaking Czech newspaper, the Prague Post, for which she wrote a mini-series on the theme of Mozart and Prague (2017-2019). She specializes in Queen Victoria's family and Russian royalty and is an authority on Russia's last Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna (1872-1918) with a particular focus on her correspondence. As an historical consultant, she responds to a wide range of enquiries from media to private individuals, as well as advising for a number of royal-themed books, talks and research projects. She has made a significant contribution to the field of royal studies and conducts highly original research, making a number of important discoveries including 'lost' letters and a search for Queen Victoria's perfume. She writes a history blog for Royal Central, the world's leading independent royal news site on the British Royal Family, the State and the Monarchies of the world: She was elected a member of the Royal Historical Society in 2017 and is an honorary member of the Tudor Society, writing for their magazine, Tudor Life. A passionate supporter of historical and culture heritage, she has been an active member of numerous societies, such as The Georgian Group, Berliner Dombau-Verein e.V., Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V., Historic Royal Palaces, Verein Potsdamer Stadtschloss e.V. and Freunde der Preußischen Schlösser und Gärten e.V. Also a poet, her work has been published in various literary journals and poetry magazines, including The Oxonian Review, Coldnoon and Allegro Poetry. Her first short collection of poems is scheduled for publication in 2020. As an alternative career, she worked for ten years in the heritage and museums sector, at various leading cultural institutions and organizations including the Bodleian Libraries. She lives in rural Oxfordshire.