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#Abolishthemonarchy trends on Twitter after The Queen approved controversial suspension of Parliament

After The Queen approved the controversial suspension of Parliament yesterday, #abolishthemonarchy hashtag trended on Twitter in the United Kingdom and the number one hashtag with around 20,000 tweets (and growing) as of writing this article.

Of course, The Queen’s approval of the prorogue of Parliament led to the republican support in the UK jumping on the occasion to promote their beliefs that the UK turn into a republic by abolishing the monarchy.

People have questioned whether she could have, and should have, refused to approve the suspension and argued that this is the true example of royal privilege.

However, there were supporters of Her Majesty and the Royal Family who argued that the hashtag was offensive and that the alternative (citing Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister and a socialist government) to a constitutional monarchy could be worse. They also argue that the monarchy brings in so much tourism that it would hurt the UK to abolish the monarchy.

One Twitter account @HighonLag laughed off the trend saying, “Whether you like it or not. They’re not going anywhere. #AbolishTheMonarchy means nothing. Have a good night and God Save The Queen!”

The court of Balmoral Castle has announced that Parliament cannot be suspended any earlier than September 9 and no later than September 12, until October 14.

The order means that Parliament will be suspended just days after MPs return to work in September.

Crucially, this means in the weeks leading up to Brexit day, MPs will be forced away from the legislative chambers meaning they cannot debate the issue.

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