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"The scale of what we are dealing with remains deeply worrying:" Duke of Cambridge speaks at first United for Wildlife Joint Taskforce Meeting

The Duke of Cambridge spoke at the first United for Wildlife joint taskforce on Tuesday, when the financial and transport sectors met to discuss ways to join forces to combat the illegal wildlife trade. The joint taskforce took place at the Royal Geographical Society, and was chaired by Lord William Hague, the Chairman of the United for Wildlife’s international trade taskforce. Speakers from…
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The Sussexes

Prince Harry begins “dream job” as he travels to Africa

According to reports in, Prince Harry has revealed that getting the chance to work alongside Dr Pete Morkel is a “dream”. Prince Harry has embarked for a summer in Africa to dedicate his time to conservation efforts. He will be shadowing Dr Morkel, a top veterinarian, known for his humane techniques to safely capture and relocate animals – often using a…
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