Thousands gather as Prince Harry arrives in Sydney

Royal fever hit Australia on Saturday as Prince Harry received a warm welcome as he arrived in Sydney for his first official visit to the country. The Prince was greeted by thousands of well-wishers who hoped to catch a glimpse of the cheerful royal. Prince Harry, representing The Queen, has made a brief visit to Australia. (Photo: BBC) The 29-year-old’s brief visit to Australia was to mark…
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'No flat for the Middletons' at Kensington Palace

A Palace source has confirmed that no suite of rooms is being reserved for the Middletons in four-storey Apartment 1A. photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc There had been speculation that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were having a “granny suite” built so…

Royal Nursery Diary - Week 3: Crying much?

It has been two weeks since little Prince George’s grand arrival, and already, he has left a lasting imprint on this great big world that will soon be his to explore… photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc Fans and “Subjects” Top headlines in the…