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Prince Harry back fighting on front lines – this time battling poachers

If there is ever something Prince Harry is to shy away from it is not hard work as he is proving once again with his front-line action against African poachers in order to save the black rhino from extinction.

Prince Harry’s three-month trip has him travelling throughout multiple countries in southern Africa to work with different conservation projects. He has even gone so far to describe the experience as his “dream” job.

To start off his journey, that promises to be hard work, Harry joined the team at a national park in Namibia. His work there focused on stopping poachers killing the black rhino for their ivory horns.

Prince Harry is also working with a helicopter team using tranquilisers to sedate the massive animals for a temporary amount of time. Once tranquillised, Harry must chainsaw off a large chunk of rhino horn, being careful not to damage any vital tissues. He then takes blood for DNA sampling. Almost like a fingernail, the chunk of horn will regrow. This is intended to deter any poachers from removing the ivory for profit.

Back in England, Harry’s brother Prince William makes a return to flying after the birth of his daughter, Princess Charlotte, to start his new job as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

His new job, that will cover both night shifts and early starts, will have Prince William transport the critically ill to a hospital when other emergency services cannot provide services to them.

Just days before his new role began The Duke of Cambridge, along with his family, celebrated the christening of his daughter at the Queen’s 20,000 acre Sandringham estate in Norfolk, in the same church where his and Prince Harry’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales was christened.  The christening was overseen by the Archbishop of Canternbury last weekend.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry was not there to attend and missed out due to his role in Africa.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr