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Michelle Obama talks about her "sleepover" at Buckingham Palace

Not many can say they’ve had a”sleepover” with Queen Elizabeth, not unless you are Michelle Obama or any of the lucky few diplomats invited for a State Visit. During an event in New York, the former First Lady recalled her 2011 State Visit with her husband President Barack Obama, revealing the Royal Family is really just like the rest of us. “I think by the time we had the…
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The Sussexes

Prince Harry Hosts Obama at Kensington Palace

On Saturday Prince Harry hosted Obama during the former US President’s latest visit to Europe. Obama visited Kensington Place following his first ever visit to Scotland. He golfed at St Andrew’s and spoke at a charity dinner in Edinburgh. Prince Harry and Obama…

Monarchy Monday: State Banquets

If there is something that Buckingham Palace does exceptionally well, it would be the State Banquets that are put on the first evening of a state visit by a visiting Head of State. Taking place in the ballroom, the State Banquet is one of the most formal events the Palace holds. The upwards of 150 guests dress in formal ‘white tie and decorations’, which includes tiaras for the…
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