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Michelle Obama talks about her “sleepover” at Buckingham Palace

Not many can say they’ve had a”sleepover” with Queen Elizabeth, not unless you are Michelle Obama or any of the lucky few diplomats invited for a State Visit.

During an event in New York, the former First Lady recalled her 2011 State Visit with her husband President Barack Obama, revealing the Royal Family is really just like the rest of us.

“I think by the time we had the sleepover we had enough interacting with them,” Michelle recalled.

“The surprising thing is folks wanted to be treated normally.

“Everybody is happy when all the people are gone. They want to be hugged. They want to be touched. They gossip.”

She was also asked about the food; was it better at Buckingham Palace or the White House?

“I don’t want to insult anybody, American food is just better,” she said.

But she did have to agree The Queen had “better china.”

“Everything is gold. We had seen the gold room — there’s a room where they keep all the gold,

“It was Sasha’s birthday and the Queen opened the house and she let us see that room.

“During the state banquet, the plate that I thought was the charger, that was the plate. They put food on the gold charger.”

From the time as President and First Lady, the Obama’s have become close friends with the Royal Family and were invited for a second stay. This time at Windsor Castle in 2016. Prince Philip was even seen driving the two to the main house for lunch.

Prince Harry has also become close with Michelle Obama who helped him promote the 2016 Invictus Games that took place in Florida. President Obama also helped boost the games with a meeting at the White House in 2015.

Obama then made a surprise visit in 2017 to the Invictus Games in Toronto sitting courtside with Prince Harry and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

One person seated close to them at the wheelchair basketball game said they overheard Obama asking Prince Harry now his then-girlfriend, Meghan Markle was doing.

Now engaged, it is expected that Harry and Meghan will invite the Obama’s to their May wedding but leave out current President Trump. A move that is likely to upset some.