Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein of Jordan thanks the public for their support after the death of her mother

Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein of Jordan has released a statement thanking everyone for their support and condolences after the death of her mother, Jordan’s former Queen, Dina bint Abdul-Hamid who died at the age of 89 on 21 August 2019. Alia is the eldest child of the late King Hussein and half-sister of Jordan’s current monarch, King Abdullah. Dina was buried, as part of Muslim…
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A look at the Jordanian line of succession

Continuing our summer series on the lines of succession to the world’s monarchies, we are looking at the line of succession to the Jordanian throne, which operates under agnatic primogeniture. Specifically, the line of succession is governed by Article 28 of…
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Reports circulate that Princess Haya has fled the UAE and is seeking asylum in Europe

Various reports are circulating across the globe that Princess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan, 45, has fled Dubai and her multimillion-dollar husband, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – the Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Reports suggest the Princess, who is a younger sister to King Abdullah II of Jordan, has escaped to Europe and is now in hiding, requesting asylum.
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Royals of Jordan celebrate Independence Day

The Jordanian Royal Family celebrated Jordan’s Independence Day yesterday. The entire family turned out with the exception of Princess Iman, who had returned to university before the event. Iman, 22, studies at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. King Abdullah, Queen…
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The Queen’s hand takes centre stage as Jordan’s royals visit London

The Queen welcomed Jordan’s royals to Buckingham Palace this week. And one image of the previously unannounced meeting ended up causing some debate. For a closer look at the photos of Elizabeth II with her guests revealed what appears to be dark purple bruising on the Queen’s left hand. Buckingham Palace hasn’t commented (as you would expect) but there was plenty of debate on Twitter and…
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Taking a peek at the collective 2018 royal Christmas greetings

As it is Christmas Eve, let us take a look at the royal Christmas greetings sent out by the royals this year. In Britain, Clarence House released this year’s Christmas card featuring a summer picture taken by Hugo Burnand in the garden of Clarence House. Embed from…

Queen Rania of Jordan lights Christmas tree in Fuheis

On Sunday, Queen Rania Al Abdullah was in Fuheis (located20 kilometres northwest of the capital Amman) where she joined the residents to light the Christmas tree in Qanater Amphitheatre. The Queen pushed the button to light the tree before delivering a short speech to…

Queen Rania makes it a point to highlight Jordanian and Arab designers

Queen Rania of Jordan makes it a point to highlight Jordanian and Arab designers while completing her official duties in Jordan and around the globe. Brands like Arab labels ZdSuzani (Jordan), Hussein Bazaza (Lebanon), Salim Azzam (Lebanon), Reemami (UAE), Bambah (Egypt), and Bouguessa (Algeria) have all had their pieces on one of the most recognisable faces in the Middle East. The Queen carrying…
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