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The Queen at 95: A map of her monarchical milestones

Throughout her 95 years of life, Queen Elizabeth II has witnessed a number of historical moments in the United Kingdom and across the world. But she’s also made history a number of times over her nearly 70-year reign. In honour of her 95th birthday, Royal Central is taking a look at Her Majesty’s monarchical milestones. The Coronation of Elizabeth II Embed from Getty…
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The Countess of Wessex becomes like "another daughter" to The Queen as she provides a tremendous amount of comfort

Sophie Rhys Jones joined The Royal Family back in 1999 when she married The Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward. Now styled as the Countess of Wessex, Sophie has come particularly close to The Queen, and has even been described as becoming “another daughter” to the monarch. Over the years, the former PR executive has taken on more responsibility for the family. Following the…
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Charles, William and Harry are reunited in Windsor as the trio meet for a two hour catch up

The Duke of Sussex was reunited with his brother and father on Saturday as they met up for a catch up following the funeral of Prince Philip. According to The Sun, Prince Harry met with Prince William and Prince Charles for around two hours on Saturday afternoon. This was the first time they have spoken in person since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke to Oprah Winfrey on American…
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The Duke of Edinburgh

13.6 million people in the UK watched Prince Philip's funeral on the television

There may have only been 30 mourners attending Prince Philip’s funeral in person, but 13.6 million more were watching from at home on the television. The overnight TV ratings, which only takes into account those watching in the United Kingdom, shows that a huge number of people watched the hour long ceremony between 3pm-4pm. BARB data shows that 11 million people on coverage on the…
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