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Rescue plan for tomb of the English queen who never set foot in her realm

For a Queen of England who never set foot on English soil, her tomb has not been able to find a home either. Berengaria of Navarre was the wife of King Richard the Lionheart for eight years until his death in 1199. Berengaria and Richard had had no children together, and she settled in Le Mans in France. She died there in 1230, and she was buried near Le Mans at the l’Épau Abbey. The monks…
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Historic Royal Palaces report £95 million shortfall in finances

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every sector of business this year, and those who depend on tourism have been particularly hard-hit. Historic Royal Palaces announced Tuesday that they have lost £95 million in income due to the pandemic-related closures. Historic Royal Palaces is a totally self-funded charity and receives no funding from the Crown or the government, therefore relying on…
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Grenade from World War II found in Oslo's Palace Park

An old grenade from the Second World War was found in the Palace Park of the Royal Palace in Oslo this week. According to the bomb squad of the Oslo Police, the grenade was not dangerous. The Bomb Squad from Oslo Police was quickly called to the area on Tuesday morning at around 11 am. They created a security zone of 100 meters which remained in place until just before 4 pm when cars and…
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Taking a look at Stenhammar Palace – the Swedish Royal Family's 'Corona Palace'

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many royal families have had to live their lives quite differently. The same applies to the Swedish Royal Family. King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia decided to temporarily move from Stockholm Palace to the smaller Stenhammar’s Palace. Let us take a look at this rather unknown Swedish castle which is now the Swedish royal family “corona&#8221…
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