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Parliament debates whether to change England's national anthem

MPs are debating whether to create a separate national anthem for England today which will replace ‘God Save the Queen’ at sporting events. The idea, which has already been debated earlier on in the year, was proposed by Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins who believes England should have their own anthem at sporting events, just as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already do. He argues that…
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Canada issues new "P" rate stamp of Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty The Queen has been immortalised in a new permanent first class letter mail stamp issued by Canada Post in her honour. A permanent – or “P” – stamp, is one which can be bought at the current postage price and will be accepted at anytime that they are used in the future. The stamp measures 20.25 mm x 23.55 mm, and was designed by Steven Slipp, a designer from…
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Queen's neighbour at Balmoral flees due to rising flood levels

Floods on the River Dee have threatened Abergeldie Castle, which is located near The Queen’s Balmoral estate, causing the Baron of Abergeldie to flee his home. The Baron and his wife sought refuge with their neighbour, Gordon Fraser, after the river burst its banks swept away about 60 feet of land to the rear of the castle, leaving only 5 feet between the back door and the rising waters.
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Royal Warrant removed from Volkswagen company letterhead

Volkswagen announces it has removed its Royal Warrant over emissions scandal as customer complaints continue to rise. The Queen’s Household owns approximately a dozen Volkswagen cars. The company confirmed it had removed the coveted Royal Arms from official letterheads and other communications in the wake of public criticisms over the emissions embarrassment. According to the Royal Warrant…
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