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The Queen could owe £8 billion over a 450-year-old debt

A group of friends in the town of Sandwich have written to The Queen asking her to honour a 444 year old debt, which is now thought to be in the region of £8 billion. The debt comes after Queen Elizabeth I made a promise back in 1572; where she agreed to pay for dredging the River Stour. However, the money never materialised This led to a group of friends who call themselves the Haven Café’s…
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Profile: Sir Stuart Peach - the next head of HM Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defence has announced that a senior RAF officer is to become the next Chief of Defence Staff, the individual charged with leading all three Armed Forces in the UK. Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, 59, will succeed General Sir Nick Houghton in the summer, marking the first time in six years that a member of the RAF has taken the top job. His appointment comes somewhat as a…
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Confidential transcripts released showing Tony Blair and Bill Clinton discussing Diana's death

Transcripts of telephone conversations between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former President Bill Clinton have been released, including one where the two candidly discuss Princess Diana shortly after her death. The transcripts, which were previously confidential, reveal how the two world leaders shared their grief after Diana’s life was cut short. The two speculated on the causes…
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Syrian air strikes raise security threat to Royal Family

Last week, the British parliament voted in favour of air strikes in Syria as a way of combatting militant group Daesh, otherwise known as Islamic State. However, in fear of possible repercussions, royal security has been stepped up as the risk of an attack in the UK increases. Security services around the Queen and other senior members of the royal family has been increased because police are…
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