Why Prince Charles must be King

It may shock some people who peruse this site to realise that, despite some misconceptions to the contrary, it is not the nature of the British Monarchy for its kings to be chosen by popular vote. World-shattering, I know, but please, humour me. By law, by tradition, and by expectation, the next King (or Queen) of the United Kingdom, and by agreement, the rest of the Commonwealth Realms, will…
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How much does the Crown cost Canadians?

For Canadian’s the monarchy costs each person as little as $1.53 a year(94p), which is about as expensive as a small cup of coffee at the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons. The $1.53 doesn’t just cover the Canadian Governor General, who is their representative…
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Who is Princess Margriet of the Netherlands?

Margriet Francisca was born on 19 January 1943 in the Ottawa Civic Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, during the Second World War to then Princess Juliana (future Queen Juliana) and Prince Bernhard. Her family had fled the Netherlands after the Nazi invasion and had resided in Canada since June 1940. The maternity ward where she was born was temporarily declared, by the Canadian government…
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Who is Princess Claire of Belgium?

Claire Louise Coombs was born on 18 January 1974 to Nicholas John Coombs, a British-born businessman, and his Belgian wife, Nicole Eva Gabrielle Thérèse (née Mertens). She has an older sister, Joanna and a younger brother, Matthew. The family moved to Dion-le-Val, near…

Opinion: Princess Madeleine fights back against paparazzi in the best way

One of the downsides to being royal are the lack of privacy, media scrutiny, and paparazzi following their every move. Each royal has their own way of dealing with these things. I’ve often said to friends and coworkers that the Swedish Royal Family has the best outlook and way to deal with the intrusive paparazzi. However, Princess Madeleine – the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf and…
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The end of the Romanovs

On 17 July 1918, after three centuries in power, the Romanov dynasty came to a tragic end with the brutal execution of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, Empress Alexandra and their five children. Background Tsar Nicholas II became Emperor of Russia on 1 November 1894 following the…
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A look back at the Duchess of Cambridge's life

One of the most popular members of the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge comes from humble origins and will one day become Queen consort. Let’s take a look back at the life of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Birth and Childhood Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9 January 1982 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, the oldest child of Michael and Carole Middleton. In 1984 she was…
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