Queen Rania meets with artisans helped by Prince Charles's non-profit

When you think of the Prince of Wales, your mind might not instantly go to Jordanian crafts, but Queen Rania was able to meet a group of local artisans who have benefitted from an international cultural heritage organisation he launched. Her Majesty visited the Turquoise Mountain showroom in Jabal Amman on 11 October to learn more about the organisation and how it supports cultural heritage.
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Queen Rania urges world to come together after pandemic

In a pre-recorded message, Queen Rania of Jordan spoke to the international community at the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF) in New York. The Queen spoke to assembled UN officials, private sector executives, humanitarian activists, thought leaders and heads of state via a virtual message on Tuesday, September 21. She stressed that in times of crisis, people should not “focus only on…
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The last King and Queen of Afghanistan

The last King and Queen of Afghanistan were exiled in 1973, and with the monarchy abolished, Afghanistan became a republic. The last King of Afghanistan was Mohammed Zahir Shah, who succeeded his father in 1933 at the age of 19, following the latter’s…
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Queen Rania visits technology startup Wajeez

If you’ve ever shied away from a 15-hour-long audiobook, wishing you could get the information in a more bite-sized format, there’s an app for that. Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited the offices of a technology startup that solves this problem by giving Arabic speakers summaries of nonfiction books from around the world. The Jordanian queen stopped by the offices of tech startup…
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Royal Olympians: Princess Haya of Jordan

Coming from the Middle Eastern country of Jordan, Princess Haya is the only royal from the Hashemite kingdom that has competed in the Olympics. Haya is the daughter of the late King Hussein and late Queen Alia; her half-brother, King Abdullah, is currently Jordan’s…

King Abdullah wants political reforms in Jordan

There may be political reforms in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan after the King went public this week and said he supports a reform of the nation’s political system. King Abdullah of Jordan gave his support for the efforts of the Royal Committee to Modernise the…