Fit for an Empress: 2017 Exhibition for Maria Theresia

In March 2017, a major exhibition will be launched in Vienna to mark the 300th birthday of one of the most important figures in Austrian history, Empress Maria Theresia. Commemorated in the form of a huge statue on the Maria-Theresien-Platz in Vienna near where the so-called Ring borders the Museum district, the Empress is depicted unmistakably as both a woman and a ruler in equal measure, both…
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The Queen - Britain's most powerful weapon

The United Kingdom now finds itself in a period of great uncertainty. After the vote for Brexit, the change in government and Donald Trump’s victory in the United States presidential election, nobody quite knows where the ancient kingdom is headed. Only one figure has the experience and stature to sell the UK on the world stage. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was there when Britain stood…
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Who is Princess Beatrice of York?

Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York was born on 8 August 1988, as the first child of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his wife, Sarah, Duchess of York. Beatrice has a younger sister, Eugenie, who was born in 1990. Princess Beatrice was named after Queen Victoria’s…
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Why can Princess Alexandra undertake engagements but Beatrice & Eugenie can't?

As Royal Central has been reporting in recent days, tensions have been emerging between the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York over the question of whether Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie should become full-time working royals. While Prince Andrew is pushing for his daughters to gain more recognition and not be overshadowed by their cousins, Princes William and Harry, the Prince of Wales has…
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Crown Princess Mary opens Copenhagen Cultural Children's Summit

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is back from the USA and she has resumed her national agenda. Crown Prince Frederik’s wife was in charge of opening the conference in connection with the “Copenhagen Cultural Children’s Summit” in Copenhagen. This summit concerning children and the arts was held in Denmark for the first time on the 3rd and 4th of October. According to…
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