Costumes from ‘The Favourite’ now on show at Kensington Palace

They’ve already helped win ‘The Favourite’ some of the many awards that have come its way and now you can see them up close and personal. A new exhibition of costumes from the movie has opened at Kensington Palace.

Outfits from the film are on show in the Queen’s Gallery at the royal residence. Designed by Oscar winner Sandy Powell, they’re accompanied by wigs created by Nadia Stacey. They all form part of an exhibition about the film and the impact of Anne as a ruler.

‘The Favourite’ portrays life at the court of Queen Anne who reigned between 1702 and 1714. The movie focuses on the relationship between the monarch and two women who fought to influence her. It stars Olivia Colman as Queen Anne with Rachel Weisz as Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough and Emma Stone as Abigail Hill, the ruthless relatives who tried to dominate the last Stuart ruler.

Many of the events portrayed in ‘The Favourite’ took place in Kensington Palace, one of the royal residences most used by Anne. And the final argument between Sarah and Abigail took place in the Queen’s Closet at the palace.

‘The Favourite’, released in the United States on November 23rd 2018, has already picked up a host of honours including several accolades for the costumes. It won Best Costume Design at the British Independent Film Awards and Sandy Powell has a nomination at the Critics Choice Movie Awards for her won on the movie. There are also nods at that event for Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz while the three actresses will compete for Golden Globes, too, at the first big US awards ceremony of 2019.

The exhibition of costumes from ‘The Favourite’ opened at Kensington Palace opened on December 14th 2018 and will run until February 8th 2019. Admission to the display is included in the usual ticket price.

‘The Favourite’ is released in the UK on January 1st 2019.

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