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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel

Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel is the ninth Princess of Orange. She was born on 7 February 1688 as the daughter of Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Maria Amalia of Courland. Marie Louise was their 11th child. She was raised as a protestant and she was noticed as a possible bride for Johan Willem Friso. He visited Kassel in 1707 to meet with the then 21-year-old Marie Louise. The advice he…
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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Mary II of England

The 8th Princess of Orange was also a British Princess and a namesake of the previous Princess. This Mary Stuart was born on 30 April 1662 as the daughter of James II of England and Anne Hyde. She grew up in the relative peace of Richmond Palace with her sister Anne. She spoke excellent French, learned to play several instruments, and she loved to read as well as dance. Despite her father’s…
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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Mary, Princess Royal

You may have heard of this Princess of Orange before, as the 7th Princess of Orange was also an English Princess. Mary was the daughter of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France and also the first bearer of the title, ‘Princess Royal’, which was created by Henrietta Maria who wished to imitate the French ‘Madame Royale’ style. Mary was born on 4 November 1631 at St.
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Monarchy Rules: A Look At Stephen

King Stephen of England was born in Blois in France in either 1092 or 1096. It’s quite unusual that we do not have a birth date for a future king of England, but by the time of his birth it was no expected that he would ever be king. His parents were Stephen-Henry…
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Great grandson of Tsar Alexander III is buried after dying alone

Leonid Kulikovsky, the great- grandson of Tsar Alexander III and distant relative of Queen Elizabeth lived a life away from the spotlight of royalty. He had been living alone in a caravan park for five years after his vehicle stalled during a trip around Australia. Leonid Kulikovsky was actually born in Denmark and emigrated to Australia in 1967 where he worked in water management.  He and his…
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