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History's Royal Kates: Catherine of Braganza

Catherine of Braganza has gone down in history as a rather nice lady who liked drinking tea.  The Portuguese princess who arrived in Portsmouth in 1662 to marry Charles II has been portrayed as a gentle soul whose heart was broken by her inability to have children and who instead contented herself by making a nice cuppa the fashion of the day while trying to be friends with her husband’s many…
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History's Royal Kates: Katherine of Valois

For a woman who founded one of the most famous royal dynasties in British history, she is surpisingly enigmatic. Katherine of Valois was the first Kate to be Queen of England and yet much of the modern imagining of her comes from her fleeting appearance in the works of…
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The royal touch at the World Cup Final

The World Cup is about to get underway in Russia with the England squad now at their training camp with royal backing after the Duke of Cambridge visited them ahead of their departure for the competition. We know there will be no Windsor representation in the VIP stands this time around, but royals and the contest have a long history. Three European monarchs have done the honours and handed over…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

It was the wedding that changed the Royal Family forever. The marriage of Edward, Duke of Windsor to Wallis Simpson on 3 June 1937 was the final act of a dramatic series of events that had reverberated around the world. For, of course, the groom had given up his throne to marry his bride and the crisis his Abdication had produced, less than six months earlier, had shaken the House of Windsor to…
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Harry and Meghan's Wedding Flowers are Shared with a Hospice

The flowers that framed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they emerged from St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on Saturday as husband and wife have become part of another very special moment. For some of those blooms have been turned into posies which have been sent to hospices and women’s refuges across London. The gifts from Harry and Meghan came to light on Sunday evening when a series of tweets…
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