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Two State Visits announced for October

The royals might be heading off on their summer holidays but their autumn diaries are already starting to fill up. In recent days, two State Visits have been announced for October 2019. The King and Queen of the Netherlands will make a five day trip to India which will include visits to Mumbai, New Delhi and Kerala. Willem-Alexander and Maxima are due to touch down on October 14th for this State…
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The Queen's reservations about sending a message to the Moon are revealed

It was one of the most anticipated, watched and lauded moments of the 20th century but an invitation to Buckingham Palace to send a congratulatory text marking the first Moon landing was labelled a gimmick by courtiers. Documents just released by the National Archives reveal that the Queen had her own reservations about sending a royal message to the Moon in July 1969. As final preparations for…
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Is this the best royal wedding dress of all?

We’ve just had another royal silver wedding anniversary although the couple involved is so discreet, it’s perhaps not a surprise that it’s passed pretty much under the radar. Lady Sarah Chatto, niece of the Queen, celebrated twenty five years of marriage with husband, Daniel, on July 14th 2019. And that gives us a great excuse to take another look at her wedding dress. For this…
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The British Line of Succession: the first 20 people

This summer, Royal Central is taking a look at the lines of succession across Europe and this latest installment looks at the first twenty with a claim on the British throne. Elizabeth II has achieved much in her long reign and from a dynastic point of view she has another success to celebrate. For the line to the throne under the Queen is as about as secure as it could be. In fact, so solid…
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