Royal Pictures from History: A moment of unity on VE Day

It is one of the most famous pictures in royal history, a moment when a Monarch and his people were completely united. As World War Two came to an end in Europe, King George VI and his family stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace surrounded by the cheers of thousands. With them, the wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, whose leadership had already made him a legend. On the 75th…
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'The King and his husband' - What will we call a King’s Husband or a Queen’s Wife?

Around the same time that the UK introduced new succession laws that allowed girls the same rights as boys, the country also passed same sex marriage legislation. But royal laws haven’t caught up with that yet. In the future, as is the case in most European countries, a prince may take a husband and a princess may choose a wife. But when that happens, what title will be bestowed on…
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The Wedding Dress of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

Some royal wedding dresses stand the test of time, others are always very much of the era they were worn but some are such instant hits that they take on a fame all of their own. The gown worn by the Queen’s only sister,Princess Margaret, for her wedding to photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones on 6 May 1960 at Westminster Abbey is definitely an outfit with its own place in history.
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Queen Margrethe weeps for the fallen on 75th anniversary of Denmark's liberation

The Queen of Denmark has led commemorations for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of her country. Margrethe II was clearly moved as she laid a wreath and bowed her head to remember all those who lost their lives during World War Two. The Danish Monarch placed a garland of laurel wreaths, draped in red and white ribbons for her country’s flag, at the Memorial at Mindelunden. She was…
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