Ninety Years of Grace: the story of a princess

She was the ultimate fairytale princess whose royal story fascinated the world and nine decades on, she continues to captivate. Grace of Monaco, film star turned consort, became a 20th century icon. And her tale began nine decades ago this month. Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12th 1929 in Philadelphia and set her heart on a career as an actress early on. She quickly found success…
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Tales of Tudor ghosts: Jane Seymour

She was the queen who gave Henry VIII the son he so desired but Jane Seymour’s story had far from a happy ending. The consort died just a few days after presenting the Tudor monarch with his longed for male heir and is now said to haunt one of the most famous royal…
The Queen

The Queen's role in politics as the UK looks set for a General Election

It looks as if the UK is headed to the polls on December 12th 2019 after the House of Commons backed the call from the government of Boris Johnson for a General Election. It will be the first time British voters have cast their ballots in December for almost a century. And it also raises questions over how the traditional royal Christmas will affect this very unusual political turn of events.
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Tales of Tudor Ghosts: Catherine Howard

As Hallowe’en approaches, ghost stories abound. The nights are drawing in, darkness is falling and amidst the swirling mists of late autumn evenings come tales of mystery. This Hallowe’en, Royal Central is taking a look at some of the best known tales of regal…

Princess Elisabeth's coming of age to be broadcast live on Belgian TV

The first woman to be in line to rule Belgium in her own right will turn 18 later this week and her big moment will be shared across her country. For the coming of age celebrations of Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant will be broadcast live on Belgian TV. The official ceremonies marking the 18th birthday of the heir start at 11am on October 25th 2019 at the Royal Palace in Brussels. Her…
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