Exploring Royal Scotland: Edinburgh Castle

Perched atop Castle Rock, the ancient volcanic plug that towers above the city of Edinburgh, sits the most besieged place in Britain. Edinburgh Castle has served as a military fortress, royal residence, and prison of war, but today it stakes its claim as the most-visited paid tourist attraction in Scotland. The castle is on the must-see list for every tour group that travels through the…
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Exploring Royal Scotland: The Palace of Holyroodhouse

In honour of The Queen’s Holyrood Week, we’re taking a look at royal history in and around Edinburgh. Our senior reporter Kristin Contino headed to Scotland to find out more about some favourite royal spots. The first thing that strikes you about the Palace of Holyroodhouse is how peaceful it is compared to Buckingham Palace. If you’ve ever been to London, you know how busy…
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Camilla’s very personal patronage: the story of Elephant Family

“The dedicated efforts of Elephant Family are helping to highlight and resolve the issues faced by Asia’s vulnerable elephants. Not only are these magnificent animals trapped in a daily battle for food, water and space with an ever-expanding human population, but they also face the increasing threat of being killed for their skin to supply a growing illegal market. Elephant Family’s work…
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This Week in Royal Fashion: Buckingham Palace Garden Party and Crown Princess Victoria at the ALMA Prize

The garden party season is coming to an end, but we were treated with another afternoon of spring fashion on Wednesday, plus Crown Princess Victoria took a favourite dress for an outing at the ALMA Prize ceremony in Stockholm. Let’s take a look at the fashion details: Buckingham Palace garden party The Queen always looks stunning in pink, and the pastel candy pink shade she chose for the…
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