Tudors to Windsor: a new royal portrait exhibition to open

The National Maritime Museum will soon be opening a new royal exhibition in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery. ‘Tudors to Windsor: British Royal Portraits’ will feature over several centuries of royal portraits. The exhibition will cover 500 years and four dynasties: the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Hanoverians, and the Windsors. It will trace royal portraiture in Britain…
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Birthplace of King Philippe: Belvédère Castle

Some monarchs are born in massive castles that have stood for centuries while others are born in relatively new palaces. Although the birth of a royal baby is a celebrated event, some of these more modern palaces have darker connections. King Philippe of Belgium was born at Belvédère Castle at Laeken, one of these palaces.  Originally built in the 1780s, King Leopold II bought the palace for…
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Prince Philip

Prince Philip and Canada - a country visited by the Duke over 70 times

As has been well shared, the late Duke of Edinburgh completed over 22,000 royal engagements. Between official visits, unofficial visits, and stopovers, Prince Philip visited Canada over 70 times. Along with his appreciation and admiration of the Canadian military, he enjoyed meeting with Canadians and getting to know the country. Because he visited Canada so many times, the Duke had many…
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The Queen's Wardrobe Constants

Much like many other areas in her life, the Queen’s wardrobe is quite regimented. We know what to expect from Her Majesty’s fashion. Many royal commentators have speculated on different style “rules” that members of the Royal Family must follow, but none of these…
The Gloucesters

The Duchess of Gloucester walks 11,000 steps each day as part of a challenge to honour those who have died from prostate cancer

The Duchess of Gloucester has been taking part in the March the Month challenge this March to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. As their Patron, she has been walking every day in honour of the 11,000 men who die from prostate cancer every year in the UK. The March the Month challenges people to walk 11,000 steps every day for the men who lose their lives to prostate cancer. It…
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