1066 sea turtles released in honour of King of Thailand's birthday

Hundreds of Thai students, members of the navy and celebrities, helped released 1066 turtles in celebration of King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s birthday today. The sea turtles, which are seen as a symbol of long life ran, to freedom outside the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre. The number 1066 was chosen for a particular reason. The number 10 symbolises King Rama X, for which King Maha is known. The…
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The Queen

Royal Financial Expert asks for more transparency from Her Majesty

A royal financial expert has asked for more transparency in the Queen’s finances and said that the “suspicion” is that money from the Duchy of Lancaster funds her children’s private lives. The Duchy of Lancaster, an investment portfolio of land, property and financial investments has reported an income of 7.9%. The income from the Duchy funds the operating costs of some…
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The Yorks

Duke of York Comes Face-to-Face with Robot Spider

The Duke of York has opened the University of the West of England Bristol new Future Space facility and came face-to-face with a robot spider. Prince Andrew spoke to local business leaders as he opened the facility designed for technology start ups and small businesses. The…

Princess Ayako of Takamodo visits Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden for 50th anniversary

Princess Ayako of Takamodo, a member of the Imperial House of Japan, has visited the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden for its 50th anniversary. The Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Canada welcomed Japanese royalty as it celebrated its 50th anniversary. John Harding, who chairs the anniversary committee, said that the garden is meaningful as it highlights the connections between Japan and Canada. This…
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The Cambridges

Prince Harry Attends World Premiere of Dunkirk

Prince Harry has ended the world premiere of the World War 2 film, Dunkirk. Dunkirk is directed by Christopher Nolan, the man behind movies such as Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy. The world premiere in the Odeon in Leicester Square was attended by Tom Hardy, Kenneth…
Saudi Arabia

Saudi King orders that a columnist is dismissed after comparison with Allah

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ordered that a newspaper columnist is suspended from the al-Jazirah newspaper after the columnist compared him to God. The newspaper column written by Ramadan al-Anzi described King Salman as “Haleem” or forbearing and “Shadeed al-Eqab”, which means strict in punishment. The terms are both associated with God in Islam. Giving divine…
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