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The Queen

Royal Financial Expert asks for more transparency from Her Majesty

A royal financial expert has asked for more transparency in the Queen’s finances and said that the “suspicion” is that money from the Duchy of Lancaster funds her children’s private lives.

The Duchy of Lancaster, an investment portfolio of land, property and financial investments has reported an income of 7.9%. The income from the Duchy funds the operating costs of some members of the Royal Family.

David McClure said that: “The Queen’s Lancaster hotpot has served up another rich dish but no one knows how much Duchy money goes to Her Majesty and how much to her hungry family.”

McClure highlighted the fact that Prince Charles shows where the income from the Duchy of Cornwall goes too.

Prince Charle’s gives an estimate of how much it costs to the fund the Cambridge’s and Prince Harry. The Queen does not do the same for members funded by the Duchy of Lancaster.

McClure asked why the Queen can’t do the same for her children as he said: “If Prince Charles can show in his annual review the amount of Duchy of Cornwall money going to his sons, then why can’t The Queen do the same for her children?”

McClure alleged that money from the Duchy of Lancaster could potentially be going to fund not only her children’s public duties but also their private lives.

“The suspicion is that some of that cash funds not just their public duties but also their private lives.”

He suggested that if the money from the Duchy was going to fund their public duties then the public should be made aware of how much they are being paid.

“If the Duchy money going to other royals is being used solely to fund their official public duties, then shouldn’t the public know how much they are being paid?”