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The Queen had Heartbreaking Conversation about her concern for Diana

Harry Herbert, a close friend of Princess Diana, has revealed that The Queen was concerned about Diana’s well-being during the breakup of her marriage with Prince Charles.

Speaking in an interview for ITV and HBO’s Our Mother Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy he reveals that The Queen asked if he could confirm the rumours about Diana’s growing sadness.

Harry Herbert said: “The Queen wanted to talk to me about it because she was worried. She was so, you know, worried about Diana.”

“The Queen wanted to know how was Diana feeling – and was it as bad as it was. And it was a sad discussion – a sad moment really because that was everything at its worst.”

Herbert talked about the first time he met Princess Diana while he played golf at Balmoral. He said “Just as I was about to play my shot, this vision of beauty appeared, full of laughter and energy. And like everyone who meets her she has a big impact.”

Following his talk with The Queen, he visited Diana at Buckingham Palace. He discovered that “although things weren’t particularly easy” in her marriage her two sons, Prince William and Harry, quickly changed her mood.

“She was, you know, very emotional. And, suddenly, these two boys came thundering round the corner in their dressing-gowns, this was before bed, and just watching her face light up.”

Herbert revealed that Princess Diana’s sons had a hugely positive effect on her despite the difficult times:  “And through all the difficulty of other stuff at that time, you could see it was the most important thing in her life were her boys.”

The programme Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy airs on ITV at 9 PM today.

It is a tribute to Princess Diana and features the thoughts and feelings of her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. They talk about the last contact they had with their mother and the emotional impact it had on them.