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  • Memorable moments in Buckingham Palace’s history

    Since 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the official London residence and ‘office’ of Great Britain’s sovereigns. In the spotlight for nearly...

    Palaces & BuildingsLaura McCallen14th July 2017
  • An Oxford House and Imperial Russia

    A building in a suburb of Oxford has a remarkably unique history. At first glance, it could be yet another late-Victorian townhouse,...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms17th June 2017
  • The Royal Coat of Arms Explained

    The Royal Coat of Arms acts as the official coat of arms for the British monarch. The Royal Coat of Arms...

    HistoryJordan Cavell15th May 2017
  • Diary entry reveals The Queen was bored during her father’s coronation

    In a diary entry on 12 May 1937, from the then 11-year-old Princess Elizabeth of York, the future Queen recorded the experience...

    British RoyalsLaura McCallen15th May 2017
  • The Stone of Destiny

    Pictured above: A replica of the stone At first, the Stone of Destiny appears to be little more than a simple...

    Blog PostsJordan Cavell22nd April 2017
  • The influence of the House of Habsburg

    One of the most influential and powerful royal houses of Europe, to this day many people (even those not familiar with...

    Blog PostsBrendan Part1st March 2017
  • A Royal Execution: George, the Duke of Clarence

    The War of the Roses was a period marked by the deep-set and bitter hatred that burned between the Houses of...

    Blog PostsChristian Mills17th February 2017
  • The duties of an Elizabethan Lady-in-Waiting

    In the early modern period, the allure of court life was more than desirable, which caused families to seek positions that...

    Blog PostsTiffany Foresi13th February 2017
  • The end of the House of Bonaparte

    In order to know how a story ends, it is indispensable to understand the essence of how it began. The years...

    Blog PostsTiffany Foresi12th February 2017
  • The end of the House of Tudor

    On 24 March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I breathed her last and – left with no legitimate heir – the House of...

    Blog PostsLaura McCallen25th January 2017
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