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Why does Royal Central publish sponsored posts?

Royal Central is committed to the principle that our content should be free to access for our readers, without subscription or payment. To make it possible to do this, we have to find other ways to cover the costs of running our website and continuing to put out the incisive and extensive coverage we strive to do every day.

We have a small number of parts of our site which help us generate the revenue we need. As well as adverts placed around the site, we also occasionally accept sponsored content for publication. Where we do this, we will always ensure that it cannot be confused for content written by our own team of writers and always try to be transparent about the source of this content.

Royal Central does not endorse products as part of our news or blog coverage – all sponsored content comes in the form of separate posts which are published on the site, so our readers maintain confidence in the independence of our writing, especially in written reviews.

If you have any questions about our sponsored content or how we fund our site so readers can enjoy our content for free, email

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