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Why is the Royal Family Completely Obsessed with Polo?


It would appear that every single male in the Windsor family loves polo. Prince George has his very own mallet already and this was gifted to him by the former President of America, Barack Obama. He’s just gone five and he is already being groomed to partake in the sport. This begs the big question, why does every single member of the Royal Family choose to play polo? And why are sites such as casino NetBet not offering odds on who wins?

When you look at the history of the sport, you will soon find that it originated in Mongolia or Persia. It would then go on to reach the British Empire through India during the 19th century. The Royals loved the sport, and this quickly spread. It would appear that Prince Philip was one of the first people to make this sport what it is today. This happened in Malta during WW2. His uncle, Earl Mountbatten from Burma actually taught him the rules. Louis Mountbatten loved the sport too and he went on to write a book about it. He published it under the name Marco, and this is said to be a nod to the sport itself.

Prince Philip was set in his ways and he was determined to bring the sport to England. He formed a team, and this went on to become one of the most famous clubs in the world. He then played until the age of 50 and arthritis soon took over. From that point on, he was forced to retire from the game but instead of giving up entirely, he had a four-in-hand carriage made. This would allow him to compete in some games from time to time.

He then gave his son, Charles a mallet when he reached the age of 15. He’s an avid player but he did experience a lot of injuries. He wanted to watch his sons play and ever since then they have made a ton of appearances. Queen Elizabeth often attends them and even the Duchess of Sussex has been known to watch from the sidelines too. There is a high chance that the sport will be passed down another generation after George because each family member is so focused on sharing their experience and this is fostering a level of team spirit that is to be admired. George is now becoming very adept at playing and he is being taught by some of the best too. The Royals have their own polo horses and the game is very relaxed and not too competitive. Of course, that brings about another question. Why don’t people bet on it, even though it is so huge in the UK right now?

The truth is that people are allowed to bet, but as the games are often private, it makes it pretty difficult. Water polo is much more popular, and a lot of casinos choose to offer odds on that instead as it’s often televised and easier to watch.