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Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian, writer, historical consultant and research professional. Since 2012 she has contributed to Royalty Digest Quarterly, an academic journal about royalty and genealogy. She also writes for magazines and the web. From 2013-2018 she wrote for the Edinburgh-based magazine Regency World and from 2017-2018 for the culture and travel columns of the Prague Post. She is the resident historian for Royal Central, the web's leading independent news site on the British Royal Family and the Monarchies of Europe, having joined the team in 2015 first as a blogger, then as History Writer. She joined the magazine History of Royals as a freelance writer in 2016. Her work has also been featured in the US periodical, the European Royal History Journal. She was elected a Member of The Royal Historical Society in 2017 and appears on the radio. She is a poet and a Member of the Oxford Writers' Circle and the Oxford University Poetry Society. Her particular speciality is British and European royalty, with a particular focus on the family of Queen Victoria. She is an authority on the life of Alexandra Feodorovna, last Empress of Russia. She was selected by a Russian team to assist with research for their translation project on the Empress, published in Moscow in 2012. Her current project is a publication of the letters of Alexandra held at the British Library in London. She has also written for newsletters and for the web on W. A Mozart; a two-part essay on 'Mozart in London' was published in the Newsletter of the New York Society, Friends of Mozart in 2016. She is a current member of Historic Royal Palaces and has been an active past member of many societies dedicated to heritage and cultural preservation schemes, such as The Georgian Group, Stiftung Preussische Schlösser u. Gärten e.V, Berliner Dombauverein, Wiederaufbau Berliner Schloss e.V and Verein Potsdamer Stadtschloss.

  • The christening of Queen Victoria

    Unlike the christenings of Queen Victoria’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the christening of the future Queen is an event about which...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms25th June 2018
  • A Portrait of Princess Alix of Hesse

    A portrait of the toddler Princess Alix of Hesse by the Austrian painter George Koberwein caught my attention back in 2004....

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms14th June 2018
  • Banbury Cross and a Royal Wedding

    Banbury Cross is of course, synonymous with local Oxfordshire folklore for many, because of the popular rhyme which has a ‘fine...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms11th June 2018
  • The ‘Forgotten’ Georgian Vault at Westminster Abbey

    In addition to the handful of tombs of England’s medieval kings and their queens consort clustered close to or around the...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms5th June 2018
  • Welcoming a Royal Bride to England

    It was not simply the wedding but also the welcome attending the arrival of a future royal bride in England which...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms4th June 2018
  • Flora Danica and a Royal Wedding

    In addition to the private gifts exchanged at royal weddings were also those public gifts given on behalf of a nation....

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms3rd June 2018
  • The bells of Westminster Abbey

    First and foremost, we think of bells as something we hear and don’t see. The bells of Westminster Abbey now mingle...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms26th May 2018
  • A little known painting of Russia’s last Tsarina?

    A chance listing on the Public Catalogue Foundation Art UK, for an oil on canvas painting (35.8 x 30.7 cm) said...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms23rd May 2018
  • Memorial to a Royal Child: Princess Elizabeth (1635-1650)

    In St. Thomas’ Church, Newport on the Isle of Wight, stands an extraordinary monument, touching in its simplicity. It was erected...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms22nd May 2018
  • Queen Victoria’s honeymoon at Windsor Castle

    Following her wedding at St James’s Palace to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha on 10 February 1840, Queen Victoria drove to Windsor...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms21st May 2018
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