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Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian, freelance writer, researcher and journalist. She contributes to an international academic journal about royalty and also writes for magazines and the web. Since 2015, she has blogged for history at Royal Central, the web's most popular source for the latest news and information on the British Royal Family and the Monarchies of Europe. In 2016, she joined the team of freelance writers for the magazine History of Royals. She is a freelance contributor to the Czech English-speaking e-journal, The Prague Post. She has been featured on Thamesweb, The Royal Windsor website and mentioned in Enfilade, the serial newsletter for Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art & Architecture and the Faberge Research Newsletter. She was elected a Member of The Royal Historical Society in 2017 and is a Member of The Georgian Group. She is an authority on the life of the last Empress of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna (1872-1918) and has researched for fifteen years on the subject. She also writes on Mozart for newsletters, e-journals and the web. Most recently, she has written about Mozart's visit to London for the Newsletter of the New York Society Friends of Mozart. Her alternative career is in heritage and she has been an active a member of several German heritage foundations and societies such as the Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten, Wiederaufbau Berliner Schloss e.V and Berliner Dombauverein. She lives in the UK.

  • A Quick Look At Royal Dogs

    The British love of dogs is, of course, well established – the royal affection for them as faithful companions being no...

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  • A Little-Known Royal Plaque in Portsmouth

    A plaque can be found in the garrison walls at Portsmouth, at the location of the old ‘Sally Port’. Its strongly...

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  • A Christmas Carol at Windsor Castle

    Nine performances of Charles Dickens’ beloved classic novella in prose, A Christmas Carol will take place at the State Apartments at Windsor Castle...

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  • Tombs of Kings of England not in England

    Outside of the traditional burial sites of Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel, Windsor, some English (and a British) monarchs are...

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  • A Somerset Church’s links with Whitehall Palace

    A fourteenth-century Anglican Church in the district of Sedgemoor in the Somerset parish of Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge is not perhaps the...

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  • Looking at the Women behind the Windsor Beauties

    The gallery of so-called ‘Windsor Beauties’ is the name given to the collection of portraits painted by Sir Peter Lely (1618-80)...

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  • Mozart’s Visit to what became Buckingham Palace

    As part of the so-called ‘Great European Tour’ of the Mozart family, which began from Salzburg in June 1763 and extended...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms29th August 2017
  • Tombs of the Tudors: The ‘Lost’ Tomb of Mary I

    “That’s the tomb of Queen Elizabeth the First”; this was the remark I heard when I last visited Henry VII’s Lady...

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  • The King’s Sister: The Grave of the other Mary Tudor

    In the Gothic church of St Mary’s at Bury St Edmunds, is the tomb of a princess of England and a...

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  • Perfume and Queen Elizabeth I

    The use of perfume can be traced back to the world’s most ancient civilisations, notably Mesopotamia and Egypt; it flourished during...

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